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Modern Transport Project Demands

The diversity of transport infrastructure ownership has prompted unprecedented choice and competition. This means that forward thinking clients are focused more than ever on maximizing the potential of their assets and ensuring that development and delivery of their plans is achieved without disruption or adverse impacts on environment, operations, standards or reputation.

Major airport and transport projects are at the centre of many debates including social, economic and most importantly, environmental impacts. Strategically, airports need to stay ahead of the game in the debates and policy on airport development.


There is a need to understand the factors that will affect development and delivery and define a strategy that responds to these but also ensures flexibility to a degree. Clear planning and strategy are key in keeping the proposition of any project at its most advantageous both commercially and operationally. 


In our experience there is, regardless of location and scale, a commonality in understanding the complexity of a multi-stakeholder environment, a strictly regulated operation and above all the need to provide an environmentally sustainable and commercially viable, high quality customer experience whilst maintaining safe and secure operations throughout.

The key Infrastructure Response

We have learnt that in order to meet the demands of modern airport infrastructure requirements, there is the need to create assets that have long term sustainable value and are flexible in functionality.

Whilst there will always be new airports being planned and delivered globally, there is still a vast majority of airports that have an ongoing need for renovation, expansion or both.

Creating the right response requires an understanding of:

  • Understand and manage what exists.

  • Capture efficiently the reality and the future (life cycle)

  • Identify future need and articulate it.

  • Development, Design and Delivery all have a role to play

gatwick aerial.jpg

Planning and development horizons for many infrastructure programmes at airports can be lengthy and it’s imperative that throughout the entire life cycle of any asset created or enhanced, operational performance and efficiency through management and technology  and in turn commercial value is maximized.

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