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Our company and its specialist team members have been engaged in some of the largest and most complex transport related projects.  Our consulting capabilities are currently employed on a diverse range of activities which we are delighted to share and which illustrate the range of unique skill sets we can offer.

Heathrow West Ltd

Heathrow West (HW) is a rival project for the expansion of Heathrow allowed under UK government policy. Independent of the new third runway, the HW project proposes a new Terminal 6 campus. Heathrow West is proposed as a major transport interchange to make a significant step in a new surface access strategy to meet the strict net zero emissions targets required under UK and Paris Climate agreements.

Our team members provided senior advisory and leadership function on this mega project. This included the long term strategic development planning for the expansion to Heathrow Airport in a number of workstreams including demand and growth forecasting, infrastructure requirements, business case and commercial models, environmental and sustainability response and finally operational model and integration to the existing airport.

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Port Infrastructure Fund UK

The Port Infrastructure Fund was launched on in 2020 to enable maritime ports, airports and international rail termini currently handling goods imported from the EU to access funds to build the necessary infrastructure and facilities to enable customs and sanitary/phytosanitary checks to be carried out at ports following the end of the transition period.


Expert Witness - Design 

Orizzonti Consulting have been engaged to provide expert witness capability for an ongoing large scale arbitration on one of the largest and most recent airport projects in the middle east. Our team is providing specialist knowledge in Architecture & Design Management.


Airport Planning Services - Kuwait Airport

Orizzonti Consulting have been engaged to provide airport planning sub consultancy to Obermeyer as part of the PMO for the expansion of Kuwait airport. Our team will support the implementation of the master plan and the new terminal 2 projects.

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