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Intelligent Development and Design creates Intelligent Delivery

Airports and other key infrastructure clients are required to manage multiple facets of functions and regulations that relate to operational, environmental, technological and commercial needs.

Planning and development horizons for many infrastructure programs can be lengthy and it’s imperative that throughout the entire life cycle of any asset created or enhanced, the performance and efficiency through all stages is maximised.

We aim to create an asset that has long term value and functionality through flexibility and sustainability.



Define your Goals

We know the significance of getting things right from the beginning. Having clear insight and vision of what is needed and defining this to inform the next steps of any project is essential. We offer leadership and experience in:

  • Strategic Project Definition

  • Business and Commercial Influences

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Strategic Master Planning

  • Development Consent Order (DCO) requirements and preparation



Getting the Right Solution

We provide extensive experience in managing all aspects of the design process. Providing the right response in design requires the careful balance of many elements and in the modern airport environment can be a complex process. We offer capability in:

  • Defining Basis of Design requirements

  • Design Team building and leadership

  • Technical and Peer review

  • Design and Delivery coordination

  • Value Engineering and Design to Cost appraisals

  • Innovation and BIM VPD



Remove Ambiguity and Manage Expectations

Airports and Transport Infrastructure can be heavily regulated and complex multi-stakeholder environments. We have a wealth of experience in advising and managing engagement activities including:​

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Airline Community relations

  • DCO Community Consultation

  • Strategic Public Engagement

  • Regulatory and Legal compliance management

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Turn Vision into Reality

We have an understanding of what it takes to deliver projects. To bring the vision to reality and to ensure that it remains within the strict constraints of operations, cost, timetable and ultimately provides the experience required. We can provide experience managing teams in:

  • Strategic Procurement guidance

  • Sustainable Construction planning

  • DfMA and Modular Construction Initiatives

  • Operational Interfacing and Planning

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